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o wear spect



acles, generally prefer those made by the Chinese opticians. A pair of really fi

ne pebbles will cost from ten to twenty dollars. The glasses that Fred bought were onl

y the commonest kind of stuff, colored with a smoky tint so as to reduce the


glare of the sun. CHINESE SPECTACLES. CHINESE SPECTACLES. "We went outside the town, and found ourselves suddenly in the country.

It was a complete chang

e. Going through a gate in a wall took us from the streets to the fields, and going back through the gate took us to the streets

again. We saw a man plo

ughing with a plough that had only one handle, and made a furrow in the ground about as large as if he had dragged a pickaxe through it. The plough was pulled by a Chinese buffalo about as large a


s a two-year-old steer, and he was guided by means of a cord drawn through the cartilage of his nose. It was a poor outfit

for a farmer; but the man who had it appeared perfectly contented, and did not once turn his eyes from his work to look at us. PLOUGHING WITH A BUFFFALO. PLOUGHING WITH A BUFFFALO. "A little way off fr

om this ploughman there was a man threshing grain on some slats; they looked like a small ladder placed on an incline, and the way he did the work was to take

a handful of grain and thresh it against the slats

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